BLACKSTONE TECHNOLOGY (BST) is competent and specialist in supporting the country for sustainability contribution to Green engineering which shall attempts to achieve main goals such as Effective Waste Reduction, Proper Materials management, Strict Pollution Prevention and beneficial new Product and Technology Enhancement in oil & gas industry all over the country.

With experiences with experience in various main Operators, Owners and Clients of oil & gas and petrochemical industries including onshore and offshore in all over the country BLACKSTONE TECHNOLOGY (BST) is surely and confirmed shall contribute in sustainability and in the meantime as a leading Engineering & Construction Solution Provider and Partner in all over the country.

With well-versed structured, systematic organized, competent and high level experiences and high technical strength of manpower availability, BLACKSTONE TECHNOLOGY (BST) is competent to be provide solution in Sustainability. With also high competency of financial structured, complete infrastructure, advance software and hardware engineering specialist new technologies in hand, the sustainability of BLACKSTONE TECHNOLOGY (BST) is to ensure to provide benefits Sustainability to all over the country.