Scope of Work

Repsol Malaysia Limited (RML),  operates PM3-CAA block located between Malaysia and Vietnam. There are two developments within PM3-CAA block, Northern and Southern Fields. Each asset is operated through a dedicated FSO and a series of production platforms.

This “NBO-H4 Project Development” consist of provision of two new oil producer (OP) wells and four water injection (WI) wells at the BOC platform. The oil from OP wells will be delivered to the existing tie-in manifold at BOC platform. The water source for WI well is from BOA platform; water is delivered via bridge to BOD platform and then delivered via a new subsea pipeline from BOD to BOC. The scope will include brownfield works at existing facilities to accommodate new wells OP and WI at BOC.

Client :Repsol Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited

End User : Repsol Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited

Year : 2019

Status : Completed